Sandy Menzer, Spiritual Intuitive and Tarot Card Master

  • Tarot Readings$100/hour, $50 half hour
  • Private and Group Tarot Workshops
    • $180 ($30/workshop) per 6-week class, $60 deposit required one week prior to start date.  $30/class thereafter.  Discounted rate if paid in full prior to start date: $160.

Learn how to read and decipher the meanings and messages the tarot card can help enhance your answers to questions as well as offer you paths to take to improve your life.  This skill is fun entertaining and will also help you enhance your psychic ability for clarity in life!  This course includes a detailed review of the 78 cards and their meanings as well as a reference workbook I created for future use!  My thank you gift to you for attending is a free tarot deck.  Beginner and Advanced Classes are offered.

  • ​Tarot Talk/Angel Answers Meet-Up Groups
    • ​This friendly fun and interactive workshop supports and creates a positive energy environment as well as teaches and encourages you to "find your spirit" during the challenging journey of life so that you can lead a more fulfilling, happy, peaceful and satisfying life! Messages and direction from "the spirits" will be given to all who attend!
  • ​Teen Tarot Classes (suggested age group 13 and over)
    • ​This group was created to entertain and teach your children the "art of tarot reading" so as to help enhance and encourage using their "intuition" by providing them with knowledge, wisdom and information that will be helpful to them and others to achieve peace, empowerment and fulfillment in their lives! Each student will receive a detailed study guide.

Contact Sandy at or at (518) 265-4872 to schedule your appointment today.  Please also visit to find out more about how Sandy can help you "find your spirit".